Mercedes GLC Servicing, repairs, maintenance and upgrades

Mercedes GLC Maintenance, Upgrades, Tuning & Repairs

Our Mercedes specialists have been professionally trained to upgrade, service, and tend to any maintenance needed on any Mercedes GLC.

Mercedes SUV GLC

This SUV was crafted with the agility of a sports car but, built with the powerful frame of a sedan. It’s hard to imagine an SUV that could measure up to a sports vehicle. However, the one aspect the Mercedes SUV GLC has aimed to accomplish and succeed is for ultimate performance driving. This SUV is packed with 43 torque giving a switch to off-road tough to highway appeal.

Mercedes GLC Servicing

Here at P3 AMG we’re able to offer both A & B Servicing for your Mercedes GLC we also have the specialist equipment and only use approved Mercedes parts on any work we carry out. We are also able to update your service schedule after we have carried out the work.

Mercedes GLC Maintenance

The Mercedes GLC is a pretty rugged machine but if you do a lot of miles or treat it roughly then it makes sense to have maintenance work done. If you’re planning on going on a long road trip or you want to get your car set for winter then get in touch and we’ll get it primed and ready for whatever you throw at it.

Mercedes GLC Repairs

Here at P3AMG we are specialist Mercedes garage and the GLC is one of our favourites because it can do everything. It can safely carry your family around in luxury or a fun drive if you want to throw it in to a corner. If you’re looking for performance too then you could opt for the GLC43 or GLC 63.

Mercedes GLC Engine Repairs

The GLC comes with a wide range of engines depending on how you use your car this will impact what you go for. Should you buy new it’ll be under warranty so any issues should get resolved by Mercedes however if you have any issues they can’t help you with then give us a call we will be able to sort you out. If you’ve bought used or had your Mercedes past the end of the warranty, then we can take care of any Mercedes GLC engine repairs that you might need.

Mercedes GLC Bodywork Repairs

Accidents do happen, or you could come back to your GLC to see something has happened, we’ve all been there whether you’ve been hit by a car or a trolley at the shops then we’ll be able to get your GLC back to how it came off the production line. We’ll provide a free quote too so you don’t have to worry about unexpected costs.

Mercedes GLC Gearbox Repairs

The automatic in the GLC works a treat, just make sure you complete the gearbox service at the recommended intervals. Should you experience any other issues with your gearbox then give us a call. We’d love to get your car back running smooth.

Mercedes GLC Exhaust Repairs

Since the GLC is a utility vehicle and has the capability to go off road then it can sustain damage underneath, or anything else could happen. We can supply and fit a number range of exhausts whether that be from Mercedes or from an aftermarket performance exhaust company.

Mercedes GLC Performance Improvements

The GLC is a fantastic platform to make performance improvements on. If you’re wanting to improve sound then we can add an exhaust as discussed above, if you’re looking to improve power or handling performance then there are options for that too!

Mercedes GLC Remap

The forced induction engines that are in the GLC are fantastic for remapping. You can get significant power gains from just a simple remap. If you send us over your reg plate we can tell you the kind of power you can expect from a simple remap – and we only need your car for a few hours. If you drive the car after a remap exactly how you did beforehand then you can also experience a slight improvement in economy too.

Mercedes GLC Suspension/Modifications

The GLC rides brilliantly but if you’re looking to improve the stance and reduce the body roll that the car does experience then we can supply and install a suspension kit from any number of top suppliers. You’ll be impressed with the impact this can have on your driving enjoyment.

Mercedes GLC Wheel Repairs/Refurbishment

Whatever car you own and whatever has happened to the alloys on it we will be able to repair and restore them back to perfect condition. We can also colour change them if you’re looking to change the colour of your alloys.