Mercedes GLA Servicing, Repairs, maintenance and upgrades

Mercedes GLA Service, Maintenance, Repairs & Upgrades

P3 AMG is a Manchester’s leading independent garage with a focus on Mercedes Benz vehicles. As such, the team is a knit picked bunch of Mercedes Benz experts! The staff is experienced to deal with all Mercedes Benz and Mercedes AMG models. So no matter what GLA model you have we can offer any service you might require.

Mercedes GLA Servicing

Servicing is in P3 AMG’s blood. Their owner has bought pretty much every model Mercedes Benz has made since the early ’90s. This enthusiasm rubs off on the entire team, consisting of ex Mercedes leading dealer technicians and mechanical engineers from leading Mercedes garages. Their expertise and passion make them the ideal garage to service your Mercedes GLA.

P3 AMG’s Mercedes GLA servicing includes A and B services in line with manufacturer recommendations. We will also add the Mercedes Benz or Mercedes AMG service record to the Mercedes Benz central online servicing register so you can be assured that your service history will be maintained.

Mercedes GLA Repairs

P3 AMG offers a wide range of Mercedes GLA repair services. We’re happy to work on fault diagnostics, warning light diagnostics, brake replacement, fluid change, transmission issues, clutch replacement, general repair work, suspension work, alloy wheel refurbishments, tires, bodywork repairs and painting, vehicle recovery and movements, vehicle inspections, and exhausts.

If you’ve got any problem with your Mercedes GLA then give us a call, we’d love to take a look and provide you with a free quote.

Mercedes GLA Engine Repairs

The Mercedes GLA is a fairly new addition to the Mercedes line up and comes with a host of modern engines that the brand uses across a number of it’s vehicles from A classes all the way up to the E and GLC class. It’s pretty reliable but can have issues if not properly looked after. If you’re experiencing any issues with your car’s engine then get in touch.

Mercedes GLA Bodywork repairs

Like all Mercedes products the paint on the Mercedes is pretty good however anything can happen to your cars bodywork, you could be involved in an accident, be a victim to a stone chip or even return to your car to find something has happened to it. Whilst it’s horrible to not have your car in it’s best position the cost of repair can actually be less than you might think. If you’re looking to restore the bodywork of your GLA then get in touch for a free consultation.

Mercedes GLA Maintenance

The P3 AMG garage also offers Mercedes GLA maintenance services. We strictly use Mercedes approved items.

This is all to ensure that the maintenance of the Mercedes is kept up to date. The better the condition of the car is, the less severe the repairs. As such it is of the essence to keep up with the maintenance of your vehicle.

P3 AMG is happy to help with any warranty that you might have. Do let the team know at the beginning of the repair so that they can submit the warranty to the company for payment. Speaking of warranty, P3 AMG is covered by an insured backer of warranty and guarantee. The vast majority of repair parts carry a 2-year manufacturer guarantee for your ease of mind.

A benefit of using P3 AMG is the fixed costs. When it comes to servicing and maintenance, the company wants its customers to know the expenses incurred right from the beginning. Building trust and respect in all working relations is essential. No work is undertaken without the customers express permission.

Mercedes GLA Upgrades and tuning

Sometimes your car needs a little more love than maintenance. The Manchester-based garage can provide Mercedes users with upgrades. Seeing as all engineers and technicians are Mercedes experts. P3 AMG can look into performance parts, tires, window tinting, paint protection film, clutch replacement, to name a few possible updates. And that’s why they’re a preferred garage for many proud Mercedes Benz drivers in England.

Mercedes GLA Exhausts

If you’re having issues with your GLA exhaust or youre looking to put a performance exhaust on your GLA then we can certainly supply and install from a number of exhaust manufacturers,.

Mercedes GLA Remap

It is easy to extract additional power out of a GLA due to the forced induction engines that Mercedes uses in them. If you’re looking for additional power, torque and even improved miles per gallon then get in touch for a free consultation.

If you’re the proud owner of a GLA and you need something on it taking care of then get in touch for a free consultation.