Mercedes G Class Servicing, Repairs, maintenance and upgrades

Mercedes G Class Service, Maintenance, Repair & Upgrades

While the Mercedes G Class looks a bit different from class A and B, we of course now work with this model. Any Mercedes G Class repairs that may be needed, be sure to call or stop by to see how we can fix your problem. Whether it’s to change the oil or look into the fuel system for any off-road damage, we can fix it.

Mercedes G Class Specialists

The Mercedes G Class has kept its unique look on the outside, but the inside is all about the luxury aspect. That’s where P3 AMG comes in. Those updates can be arranged and finished in a limited amount of time, so you receive your vehicle back quickly. With the different styles between the 2018 and the 2019 G Class, it’s up to you to find the right place to help with switching out the old for the new, we hope we can help.

What to expect with a Mercedes G Class servicing? Made from steel the Mercedes G Class Maintenace involved would be any upgrades that need to be made. Most of these upgrades may be within the interior of the luxury vehicle. Such as the touch controls, and many comfort-based features that you can have with this off-road automobile.

Mercedes G Class Servicing & Maintenance

It costs a lot of money to get in to a G Class but it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money to service and maintain. Some of the earlier models did have reliability issues and parts could be quite expensive but here at P3 AMG because of the number of G Class cars that we have worked on we’re able to provide a specialist service at a fair cost.

Mercedes G Class Repairs

Like all cars things can go wrong with the G class whether that’s a mechanical issue through use or from an impact we have worked on pretty much everything a G class can have happen to it!  You can check out our social media profiles to see just how many we’ve worked on.

Mercedes G Class Engine Repairs

The Mercedes G Class Engine is fairly bulletproof and as long as you maintain the recommended service schedule then you shouldn’t really see any major problems. Should something happen to the engine and it needs repairing then give us a call and let us pick it up. Chances are we’ll be able to diagnose and sort your G Class out at a price that’s less than you might think.

Mercedes G Class Suspension Repairs

The G class especially in the latest model rides exceptionally well however some of our customers are looking to improve their stance or the way the car does have some slight bodyroll in corners. We are able to supply and install a range of suspension parts in order to improve the performance of your G Class.

Mercedes G Class Bodywork Repairs

Due to the size of the G class it can be a magnet for scuffs and scratches that other cars wouldn’t usually be victim to.

Mercedes G Class Bodykit

If you’re looking to make your G Class look even more mean then we can certainly provide you with a body kit specially designed to fit your G Class perfectly. We also supply a range of bodykits for the G Class from different brands so if there’s a specific look you’re going for let us know and we can create it.

Mercedes G Class Performance Modifications

The G Class is an absolute beast as standard but our customers always want the best which is why we have a wide variety of performance modifications that we can do to enhance the way your G Class performs.

Mercedes G Class Performance Exhausts

The standard G Class exhaust sounds like absolute thunder – infact all performance Mercedes cars sound pretty good. Unfortunately, new PPF legislation has led to a number of exhausts having to be muted which is terrible news in our opinion. If you’re looking to not only improve the sound but also the performance of your G Class then get in touch with us for a free consultation, we carry a huge number of suppliers on exhausts and can even show you samples so you’ll know exactly how it will sound.

Mercedes G Class Remap

One of the easiest ways to get significant power out of your G Class is with a remap, especially with forced induction engines. If youre wanting quick power gains within a few hours then get in touch, let us know at engine you’ve got and we can tell you what kind of power to expect (numbers will always vary marginally!)

Here at P3 we’ve worked on a vast amount of G class cars from all over the world.

Professional Technicians

Unsure if your current problem may be fixable? Call P3 AMG to ensure our trained/professional technicians can pinpoint exactly what may be wrong with your Mercedes. What may seem like a significant problem could be a simple fix. Along with our professionals, our technicians only use state of the art and upgraded tools specifically designed for your Mercedes G Class.

Our Specialties

With the Mercedes G Class Upgrades, we provided any current upgrades needed. Why? Because as specialist, technicians, and professionals, we are also Mercedes enthusiasts. P3 AMG offers the capability of a trusting service, so our customers never have to worry about any damage happening within our garage. We value your vehicle, your time, and your patience when it comes to becoming a new and former customer with P3 AMG.

For anyone who may need to turn in their Mercedes for a few days to be repaired. We offer the ability to book early so we can pair our customers up with a temporary Mercedes G Class lend.

Our garage has all the latest software, updated machinery, and manufacturing tools for Mercedes. We stay up-to-date with the brand, so our customers can come in with a brand-new model and know we have the instruments to start working right away.