Mercedes E class Servicing, Repairs, maintenance and upgrades

Mercedes E class Servicing, Repairs, maintenance and upgrades

With Mercedes-Benz’s new design idiom being one that is younger, fresher and with powerful accents through elegant detail solutions, the E class is the big Mercedes. Made for those that have done well in life and deserve the best. Even in entry level trim it’s a pleasure to be in – it’s just not that great if its not running at it’s best.

Here at P3 AMG we are a Mercedes specialist and we’ve been working on Mercedes for over two decades and we’ve worked on hundreds of e class mercs in our time.

Mercedes E Class Servicing & Maintenance

Like all cars the E class requires regular servicing and maintenance, here at P3 AMG we’re able to provide both A & B Servicing at a very affordable rate. We’re an independent  Mercedes specialists and will service your car using only approved parts. As long as you perform regular maintenance on your E Class then chances are it will never let you down.

Mercedes E Class Repairs

If you are looking for a professional service center and one which also deals in Mercedes E class, then there are quite a few options to choose from. P3 AMG Mercedes E class service Manchester offers some of the best repairing services, with the best mechanics working for them. This repairing independent garage offers comprehensive and quality maintenance services when it comes to Mercedes E class maintenance. The P3 AMG specialist provides original parts and gives delivery within a strict deadline. You will get some of the highly trained professionals and you can be sure to get world-class service at a very fair price.

Mercedes E Class Engine Repairs

Whilst the E class comes with a number of different engines each one is buttery smooth with how it delivers power. Even the entry level diesel engines which previously have ran quite rough.

Mercedes E Class Suspension Repairs

One of the stand out features of the E class is how it glides across the road. The suspension should hold up pretty well, however, if you are having any issues with it then don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’ve completed loads of suspension repairs on the E class and get it back to it’s comfortable ways as soon as possible.

Mercedes E Class Bodywork Repairs

The E Class commands the road and if you get an AMG or the AMG line trim it looks incredible stylish and aggressive. That is until it gets hit with a trolley or it gets into an accident, if you need bodywork repairs for your E class then get in touch. We use genuine Mercedes parts on all our repairs and can get your bodywork back to how it was straight from the showroom.

Mercedes E Class Visual Enhancements

The E class is an absolutely beautiful car but some of our customers like them to look more aggressive. With that being said if you’re looking to enhance the look of your Mercedes E Class then get in touch. We can supply and install bodykits or carbon fibre or perhaps even spring and spacers to truly improve that stance.

Mercedes E Class performance improvements

Whilst most Mercedes E Class models come with a good amount of poke there’s nothing wrong with wanting more performance out of it. If you’re looking to improve your car then give us a call. Depending on what you’re looking for we’ll be able to provide the solution. Whether that’s improving the handling, sound or extracting more performance out of the engine with one of our bespoke tunes.

Mercedes E Class Performance Exhausts

Want to improve performance and sound at the same time for a very reasonable price then an exhaust could be a fantastic option. The exhaust not only helps the car to perform and sound better a lot of people overlook the fact that many aftermarket exhausts are lighter and help the cars handling, breaking and power to weight ratio.

Mercedes E Class Remap

The more modern Mercedes E Class are all forced induction which is fantastic news if you’re looking to make cheap power gains from your car. With a bespoke remap we can extract potentially 30% more power (depending on your engine) and increase fuel efficiency at the same time!

If you’re looking to have any work completed on your Mercedes E Class then get in touch with us here at P3 AMG for a free quote