Mercedes CLS Servicing, Maintenance, Repair & Performance Modifications

Mercedes CLS Servicing, Maintenance, Repair & Performance Modifications

P3 AMG is an independent Manchester-based Mercedes Benz specialist that can provide enthusiast and professional vehicle services, repair, modification, and we can upgrade any Mercedes CLS. The team work on all types of Mercedes and has an extensive amount of experience. We work to the highest standard and pride ourselves on delivering a quick turnaround on repair/service work. We also use state of the art Mercedes Benz and Mercedes AMG diagnostic tools and approved parts on all work.

Mercedes CLS Servicing

It’s important to maintain the service history of your CLS so that it retains its value. We can provide both A and B servicing at a fraction of the cost of a main dealer. Were also incredible passionate about the brand so you know that we can really take care of you and your car.

Mercedes CLS Maintenance

Some of our customers want to go above and beyond to ensure that their car is in the best condition. If you are one of them then that is a problem we understand. We can undertake any maintenance work on your CLS at your convenience. If you want to prep it for winter then we’re more than happy to provide any checks and maintenance work before the cold weather hits.,

Mercedes CLS Repairs

As long as you frequently maintain and service your CLS then you shouldn’t have to undertake that much repair work. With that being said accidents can happen and your CLS may need some repair work in the future.

Mercedes CLS Upgrades

We can perform a number of upgrades on to your CLS depending on what you’re looking for and your budget. We can upgrade your car’s performance from as little as £400 (depending on your engine). If you’re looking to make your car sound better we can supply and install a performance exhaust. If you’re wanting to look more mean then we can dechrome, add a bodykit or anything.

Mercedes CLS Remap

One of the easiest and most cost effective ways of us to extract more power out of your CLS is with a remap, whether it’s diesel or petrol you can be sure that we’ll improve throttle response and performance within a few hours.

Mercedes CLS Performance exhausts

The Mercedes CLS sounds pretty good from stock even with a diesel engine in it, however if you’re looking for more performance and sound from your car then an exhaust can be a fantastic solution. We are a supplier to a number of performance exhaust companies and can make a recommendation based on your needs. Let us know what you are after and we’d love to help.

Whatever you’re looking to achieve with your CLS we can help, just give us a call for a free consultation.