Mercedes CLK Repair, Servicing, Maintenance & Upgrades

Mercedes CLK Repair, Servicing, Maintenance & Upgrades

Mercedes CLK Servicing

We are the top independent Mercedes garage in Manchester. We repair and maintain all models of Mercedes vehicles including classic, retro, commercial and passenger cars. We have specialist experience with Mercedes CLK maintenance, Mercedes CLK upgrades, Mercedes CLK repairs and any thing else you might need on your CLK. Here is a list of the different kinds of repairs we can do on your Mercedes CLK.

Mercedes CLK Engine Repairs

At P3 we have the ability and capacity to repair any engine issue that your Mercedes CLK might have. We only use specialist and certified Mercedes parts. This gives you the assurance that if you bring your CLK to our garage it will leave in great condition. We are able to achieve this because we have highly skilled specialists who understand all the aspects regarding the engine of this Mercedes model.

Mercedes CLK Bodywork Repairs

We understand that the bodywork of the Mercedes CLK is delicate and it needs to be treated carefully. So when you bring your car for bodywork repairs we ensure we use state of the art tools to diagnose and complete the repairs. This is to ensure that by the time we are done with your vehicle it will be looking as good as new. Likewise, if you’re looking to make your CLK look more menacing we are able to supply and install a Mercedes CLK bodykit – we recently installed an aftermarket black kit to make one of our customers’ CLK look really aggressive.

Mercedes CLK Gearbox Repairs

The gearbox is one of the most important parts of the driving experience is the gearbox being able to keep up with your driving. If you’re having issues with your Mercedes CLK gearbox then best thing to do is give us a call asap as driving it could cause further damage. We can pick up and drop off your CLK once we’ve completed the repairs to ensure no other issues can occur.

Mercedes CLK Exhaust Repairs and upgrades

Having a problem with your CLK exhaust? Our specialists have the ability to detect and repair any problem that the exhaust on your Mercedes CLK might be having. We’re also able to supply and install an aftermarket performance exhaust if youre looking to enhance the performance and sound of your car.

Mercedes CLK Performance Improvements

The Mercedes CLK is a fantastic car for modifying, yes it’s a fantastic vehicle when stock but if you want to get more sound and performance then there are a number of options available. We can also complete a number of visual upgrades if you’re looking to achieve a certain “look” with your CLK.

Mercedes CLK Remaps

We are able to remap any CLK model that you might own, whilst performance gains will vary from engine to engine all you need to do is get in touch and we’ll let you know when performance gains to expect. We have on-site remap specialists and also an on-site dyno which we check all bespoke maps on before we release them.

If you need top quality Mercedes CLK servicing, Mercedes CLK repairs, Mercedes CLK upgrades or Mercedes CLK Maintenance just contact us at P3 AMG to book in.