Mercedes CL Repairs, Tuning & Maintenance & Performance Upgrades

Mercedes CL Repairs, Tuning & Maintenance

The Mercedes CL or Coupé Luxusklasse is one of the most luxurious cars that Mercedes make. Not to take away from the CL series, but they do tend to have their days where maintenance is required.

Mercedes CL Maintenance

Like with all vehicles everyone wants to make sure the maintenance is kept up on your luxury automobile. However, it also comes down to which location will be able to handle the vehicle properly. Here at P3 AMG we only work with the highest grade and newest technological tools made for Mercedes.

Independent Mercedes CL Specialist

As an independent company, we proved one-on-one professional knowledge and workmanship to provide the best care for your Mercedes. Mercedes CL servicing should be handled by individuals who know what they are doing and even more importantly, technicians who care about your automobile as much as you do. As Mercedes specialists are team is trained with the correct skills on how to properly operate any and all repairs that may be needed or requested. This also involves upgrades from the approval of the Mercedes owner.

Mercedes CL Performance/Styling Upgrades

The Mercedes CL is a cool car on it’s own but it’s also a fantastic foundation should you wish to improve it’s performance, sound or looks. If you’re looking to put an aftermarket exhaust on to your CL or you’re looking to dechrome or extract more performance out of the engine then we’ll be able to install a bespoke CL remap on to your car for you.

Mercedes CL Repairs

Has your Mercedes undergone damage from weather, another vehicle, or just an unfortunate accident? At P3 AMG we can take care of any problem that may have occurred to or within your automobile. From replacing the clutch to chipped or scratched body paint. We understand that no one wants to drive around with a dent in their vehicle, so book an appointment today so we can fix that mishap quickly. 

Mercedes CL Servicing and Maintenance

Here at P3 AMG we look after a lot of Mercedes CL and frequently perform regular maintenance and servicing on them getting our customers back on the road as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

Mercedes CL Remap

The Mercedes CL shares a number of engines with other popular Mercedes vehicles. We have on site remap specialists and a bespoke dyno which we write all our remaps on. If you’re looking for a cost effective way to get extra power out of your Mercedes CL then get in touch to learn more about our remaps.

Mercedes CL Style & Design

A Mercedes CL-class shares the same design base as a saloon. One of the original and first automobiles to grace the road. What is extraordinary about this version of Mercedes is the almost muscular interior design concept created by the manufactures. Accented with a wide wheelbase, and available touch controls. Ironically enough the CL was crafted to become a part entertainment centre/comfort journey towards your long-distance destination. It’s safe to say the CL is a family car through and through.

Why P3 AMG?

As our customer, you would be able to enjoy the benefits we offer. Such as our complimentary rides to and from the destination (must be within 15 miles of our location). Using one of our cars available on the lot in case your vehicle needs to stay overnight. Or if we need to come and pick your automobile up, it’s completely free and so is the delivery back (all within 20 miles). To top it all off, if you intend to wait while we service your Mercedes, our comfortable and elegant waiting area is stocked with a variety of beverages and high-speed wi-fi.

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