Mercedes C Class

Mercedes C Class Repair Servicing & Maintenance

The Mercedes C Class has a modern and elegant design which makes it ideal for these modern days. This saloon, coupe and estate have all been fitted with best in class interiors which is how they’ve taken market share from the hugely impressive 3 series.

The latest model C class also has also benefitted from an improved driving feel making it much more enjoyable to drive. – It’s now great fun to drive too!

The C class has been specially made to provide high performance and elegance. Inside, the interior the car is full of state-of-the-art features which make it very convenient to use and a wonderful place to be especially with the new 2019 updates.


The c class comes in a range of body styles to suit every lifestyle and also every engine option you could think of from small efficient petrol engines to powerful sporty turbocharged petrol engines. There are a number of different trim options – our favourite always being the

Mercedes C Class Servicing

We perform Mercedes ‘A’ and ‘B’ services in line with manufacturer recommendations.

We also add your Mercedes Benz or Mercedes AMG service record to the Mercedes Benz central online servicing register meaning you maintain your full service history record.

Mercedes C-Class repairs

At P3 AMG we are a reliable and independent Mercedes garage in Manchester. We specialise in service, maintenance, tuning and remaps of all Mercedes Benz and Mercedes AMG models including retro, classic, passenger cars and commercial cars. We can do repairs, Mercedes C Class upgrades and other different kinds of C Class servicing. Here is a list of the various repairs we can do on your Mercedes C Class.

Mercedes C Class Engine Repairs

We are always ready to do any engine repairs on your Mercedes C class. We have genuine and original spare parts which we usually use to repair your engine. When you bring your C Class to us we shall be able to check your engine and do all the repairs in a professional manner.

Mercedes C Class Bodywork Repairs

We are well known for providing top quality services when it comes to repairing bodyworks of different kinds of Mercedes. Consequently, if you bring your Mercedes C Class to us we shall be able to work on the bodywork to restore it to showroom condition. We use state of the art tools in our garage which allows us to provide better C Class servicing.

Mercedes C Class Gearbox Repairs

At our specialist Mercedes garage our experts will professionally examine your gearbox and do the necessary repairs effectively. We have the latest tools which are able to detect any problem that might be on your C Class gearbox. This ensures that we are able to repair even the minor problems that might be affecting your vehicle.

Mercedes C Class Exhaust Repairs

If you are having problems with your exhaust pipe you just need to contact us and we shall effectively do the necessary Mercedes C Class repairs. Our specialists are highly skilled and as a result they can easily identify any issue that might be affecting your exhaust pipes. This is helpful especially considering that the C Class has modern and well-designed exhaust pipes.

C Class Performance improvements

We can undertake any kind of Mercedes performance mods that you might be considering from a simple remap to performance exhausts, suspension and anything else!

Mercedes C Class Remap

We can remap any C class to achieve significant performance improvements and in some cases MPG improvements too! If you’re considering a remap then get in touch with us today and let us know your registration and we’ll be able to tell you the performance gains you can expect from a relatively low cost.

Mercedes C Class Performance Exhausts

No matter what model and year C class you drive – we have an exhaust that will make it both sound and perform better. If you’re interested in an aftermarket exhaust for your C class then get in touch, we are a supplier and installer for a number of brands and can provide you with a recommendation. Check out our exhausts page to see who we stock.

Mercedes Suspension Repairs/Modifications                 

The main reason people drive a Mercedes over the likes of a BMW or an Audi other than the style is how comfortable it is to drive in. Occasionally there can be issues with the C class suspension, plus if you own it long enough like one of the last gen C class then suspension parts will need replacing.

Mercedes C Class Wheels Repairs/refurb

Many of our customers who bring their C class to us have kerbed an alloy which can happen to the best of us. We can refurbish and restore any alloy wheels – we tend to do it quite a lot on lease vehicles so our clients are charged for the repairs when they hand the car back.

Mercedes C Class maintenance/Servicing

We’ve been servicing Mercedes Benz for over a decade and we’re a specialist in the NW. If you are looking to have your C Class serviced we can provide both A & B Services using approved and genuine Mercedes parts for much cheaper than a main dealer would charge. We also have access to the service history of the car and can update that for you.

If you’re looking for main dealer standard Mercedes repairs but at a fraction of the cost then get in touch for a free consultation.