Mercedes B Class

Mercedes B Class Servicing and maintenance

At P3 AMG our Mercedes B Class servicing is aimed at keeping you’re your car running in perfect condition. Whilst the styling of the B class isn’t our favourite it obviously works for our clients that own them. They tend to be the perfect reliable family car so when you’re having issues with it we know how important it is to get it back on the road and that’s why when you bring it to us not only do we work on cars immediately we are also incredible cost effective – especially when compared to a main dealer – oh and we use approved Mercedes parts so where’s no reason not to give us a call for a free quote.

Mercedes B Class Servicing & Maintenance

We perform Mercedes ‘A’ and ‘B’ services in line with manufacturer recommendations.

We also add your Mercedes Benz or Mercedes AMG service record to the Mercedes Benz central online servicing register meaning you maintain your full service history record.

Mercedes B Class Repairs

The Mercedes B Class is a rugged sports tourer and tends to have lower repair costs than you might expect. repairs tend to be lower in cost at an annual rate. Because this class is known for its agile performance. The B Class can handle a bit more than other vehicles.

Mercedes B Class Exhaust

We are able to repair/replace or upgrade your Mercedes B class exhaust, whether it’s developed a fault or you’re having problems with it or even perhaps if you’re looking for it to be upgraded.

Mercedes B Class Suspension repairs

Has your car started knocking or are you having issues with the handling of your B Class then there’s likely a good chance that there’s an issue with the suspension. We are a specialist Mercedes repair garage and we use approved parts so rest assured that we will get your suspension sorted as quickly as possible and at the fraction of the cost of a main dealer – we’ll likely also get it done quicker too!

Mercedes B Class Brakes Repair/Replacement/Upgrade

If you own a B Class then chances are you’re carrying a family around and as such the brakes need to be in top condition. If you’ve got any concerns about your brakes or you’re needing a replacement then get in touch. We’d be happy to provide a free quotation on servicing or repairing the brakes on your Mercedes B Class.

Mercedes B Class Performance Modifications

While not many B class owners are looking to improve the performance of their B class it is something we can provide. If you want it to sound or breathe better no problem! If you’re looking for it to handle better then we’d be happy to help you out.

Mercedes B Class Remaps

We have on site remap specialists who are able to extract more performance out of your B class with simple engine remap. Whether you own a diesel or petrol all the way up to the A45 we are able to improve performance. Give us a call to find out how much power to expect from a remap today.

Need to be somewhere?

Along with our maintenance offers, we also offer a pick-up and drop off service for our Mercedes customers. If you don’t mind waiting in our designated waiting area (supplied with snacks and coffee) while your car is being tended too. We can drop you off at a destination within 15 miles of our located garage/office. As stated on our website, we are happy to help our customers.

Need A Temporary Replacement

Things happen and that means needing to drop off your automobile at the garage for a few repairs. Accidents sadly happen, but we are here to accompany our customer’s needs. If you know that your car will be in the garage for a few hours, why not set up a booking to use one of our Mercedes available on the lot. Don’t waste a whole day when we can provide you with another vehicle so you don’t have to miss a full day of work or errands.