Mercedes A Class

Mercedes A Class Servicing and Repairs

The launch of Mercedes Benz A-Class in 2013 changed the game for Mercedes. It opened Mercedes up to a brand new younger audience. The A class is the entry level Mercedes but is just as stylish and as comfortable as the rest of the range. It also comes in a variety of trims and performance levels.

Some of the regular Mercedes A Class maintenance services offered by P3 AMG.

Mercedes A Class Servicing & Maintenance

We are able to offer both A & B Servicing at a fraction of the cost of the main dealer whilst using approved Mercedes parts and this also goes on your service record.

We can provide any maintenance needs that your A Class needs, from the above mentioned scheduled services but also other activity like oil changes, gearbox servicing or anything else that you can think of.

Mercedes A Class Alloy Wheel Refurb & Repair

Mercedes A Class alloy wheel repairs and tyres. Wheels are the most important part of a car as it’s the vehicles only contact with the road. If you’re looking to upgrade your rubber or rims then we can advise you on both.

We can also repair/improve your brakes to ensure that whenever that you are on the road you’re always safe.

Mercedes A Class damaged body repairs

P3 AMG are specialist in bodywork repairs. Our expert mechanics at P3 AMG will replace or repair the damaged bodywork with new manufacturer approved parts ensuring a perfect finish every time. We are also suppliers of a number of aftermarket parts so if you’re looking to improve the looks of your A class with the likes of a bodykit or spoiler then we’re more than happy to supply and install.

Mercedes A Class Exhaust

We are able to repair/replace or upgrade your Mercedes A class nomatter that model you’ve got whether it’s a A220 or an A45.

Mercedes A Class Suspension repairs

Has your car started knocking or are you having issues with the handling of your A Class then there’s likely a good chance that there’s an issue with the suspension. We are a specialist Mercedes repair garage and we use approved parts so rest assured that we will get your suspension sorted as quickly as possible and at the fraction of the cost of a main dealer.

Mercedes A Class Brakes Repair/Replacement/Upgrade

If you own a Mercedes and you’re having issues with it then get in touch. We are Mercedes specialist backed by the P3 group. We highly trained Mercedes specialists who use Mercedes parts on all our repairs (unless you’re looking to improve your vehicle with aftermarket parts. The good thing is, it’s easy to contact P3 AMG for authorized Mercedes service centre Manchester who have the expertise to fix mechanical or bodywork issues.

A Class Performance Modifications

Many of our customers come to us to enhance the performance of their car. We are able to undertake any modifications from a remap, to a performance exhaust to brakes and even handling so whatever you’re looking to improve we can do it for you and likely for less than you might think.

A Class Remaps

We have on site remap specialists who are able to extract more performance out of your A class with simple engine remap. Whether you own a diesel or petrol all the way up to the A45 we are able to improve performance. Give us a call to find out how much power to expect from a remap today.

Get in touch with us today as we’re more than happy to provide a free consultation.