Aftermarket Performance Exhausts

Mercedes Aftermarket & Performance Exhausts

One of the most popular upgrades we provide for our customers is the exhaust which many people upgrade for better quality, power, and sound. We can supply and install an aftermarket exhaust on any model of Mercedes.

As the leading Mercedes specialist in Manchester, we best placed to look after you and your vehicle no matter what you need.

Mercedes Aftermarket Exhausts We Can Supply And Fit

Miltek Exhausts

Building on almost four decades of development the Miltek is a nonmagnetic stainless-steel high-performance exhaust that is engineered to provide the best performance and to be highly durable.  

Remus Exhausts

The Austrian made exhausts are 100% stainless steel made of lightweight material and designed for performance, torque increase and powerful sound.  

Scorpion Exhausts

These are performance exhaust systems that have been a favorite with mechanics and racers alike. They are all around exhaust systems that are a good replacement for your stock Mercedes parts.  

Quicksilver Exhausts

Made to enhance the driving experience with a deep presence and exciting sound that elaborates the crackles and change in notes in the gearbox.   

Capristo Exhausts

Designed as high-performance exhaust systems that come with carbon fiber accessories. They are made with stainless steel and are designed to withstand extreme temperatures under the hood.  

Akrapovic Exhausts

Premium exhaust systems that gained their stripes in racing and motorcycle tuning. These exhausts improve performance, are light and durable and produce impressive sound. 

Armytrix Exhausts

These are high-end Valvetronic exhaust systems that provide power, incredible sound performance, and incredible versatility.   

Ipe – Innotech Performance Exhaust (IPE)

A leader when it comes to the provision of high-end exhausts made for supercars that include the likes of Mercedes, BMW, Porsche, and Ferrari.   

Brabus Exhausts

The largest Mercedes Benz tuner company that specializes in the exhausts for AMG, Maybach and Smart models.  

Frequency intelligence / FI Exhausts

variable exhaust system that allows infinite adjustment of the intake duration and valve timing to improve emissions and fuel economy.     

Why you should consider an aftermarket exhaust for your Mercedes

  1. Make the Engine Breath Better

By installing Mercedes aftermarket exhausts you can improve the performance of the engine by making it breathe better. You can install the exhaust system further back on the car to let the exhaust gases exit with less restriction. This makes the vehicle more powerful and more fuel efficient, which will save you money on fuel and maintenance.

  1. More Power

OEM/aftermarket exhausts can add power to your car with some exhausts able to add up to 20bhp to the cars output.

  1. Fuel Efficiency / Weight saving

Aftermarket exhausts tend to be lighter than the stock exhaust and hence it will make your car overall lighter. Most of these exhausts are made of the lighter stainless steel or even titanium metal which is lighter than what your Mercedes comes with. Moreover, since these exhausts are installed in a cat-back fashion they tend to be more free flowing which improves fuel economy.

  1. Sound

The sound of your car to a great extent depends on the exhaust. We all know how good Mercedes performance exhausts sound but some customers don’t spec them or cant get them on the model they own, that’s where we come in. If you do have a factory installed Mercedes Performance exhaust we can still install an aftermarket exhaust which will improve the car even further.

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