Mercedes Repairs Manchester

Mercedes Repairs Specialist Manchester

We are honest and experienced Mercedes repair specialists who can take care of your Mercedes no matter what has happened to it. Whether the issue is as a result of a crash or just wear and tear over time then we can get you back on the road. We’ve been completing Mercedes Repairs for over a decade and whether that’s mechanical repairs, bodywork, electrical or your wheels. We use specialist tooks and expert mechanics with the latest tools to diagnose and complete any repair.

Our garage is your go-to place to get any Mercedes fixed quickly and at an affordable price in the Manchester and North West area.

Classic Mercedes Repair

We love to work on cars that belong to enthusiasts who know their stuff, every year we see the number of classic Mercedes that we repair increasing and we’re lucky to have such loyal customers!

Mercedes Supercar Repair

There are some Mercedes vehicles that require specialist experience and parts in order to repair their vehicle. Our customers that own these high end cars drive them hard on track of course and sometimes things can go wrong. That’s why they trust Project Three to repair any damage to these performance machines.

Mercedes SUV Repair

As SUV popularity continues to rise we see more and more customers come to us needing repair work to be completed on their SUVs. We’ve worked on every Mercedes SUV you can think of from the entry level GLA to the 2019 G63. Our customers trust us to repair their Mercedes using approved parts with expert technicians as a price that is fair.

Our Services  

We are petrolheads at heart and we know that the worst thing about having a car is when you can’t drive it which is why we endeavor to complete every repair to the highest standard possible whilst being able to keep costs low.

When you arrive at our garage you will instantly feel at ease once you check out our state-of-the-art facility and take a look at the cars we’re working on you’ll frequently see cars from all backgrounds on our ramps. We’ll likely have a classic on the ramps and our owners new C63 saloon having it’s latest performance enhancement.

We can complete all types of Mercedes repairs; from small ones such as seal changes to more complex procedures like whole transmission services or engine repair and even entire bodywork replacement.

Mercedes Mechanical Repairs

The main work we complete in our shop, whenever you drop in you’ll see us providing mechanical repairs on all kinds of different Mercedes.

Mercedes Engine repairs

We love getting stuck in to Mercedes engine rebuilds and repairs. Many of our customers push their cars hard and that means they need to be properly looked after when pushed. Whether you track your car or your engine needs repairing for another reason let us know and we’ll provide you with a free consultation.

Mercedes Gearbox Repairs

Mercedes make pretty rugged gearboxes but if you push your car too hard then the gearbox can require some repairwork/servicing in order to keep it running as it should. If you are experiencing difficulties with your gearbox then give us a call for a free quote from our Mercedes gearbox repair service.

Mercedes Bodywork Repairs

Some frequent Mercedes repair services that we’ve completed:  

Mercedes problem diagnosis

Electrical Repair

Computer Programing

Fixing Error Codes 

AC Repair and servicing

Engine Service

Engine Repair

Transmission Repair

Mercedes Brakes Repair

Sunroof Repair

Dent Removal

Glass Repair

Car Rebuilds

This is by no means an exhaustive list, anything that you’re looking to have done to your Mercedes we will be able to do – just give us a call!

Our Mercedes repair specialists will always provide you with professional advice before we complete any work. That way you will always know what we are doing on your vehicle and how much it will cost – There will never be any surprise bills.

Mercedes Software Updates  

Every year, we put in thousands of dollars in purchase and updates to ensure that we maintain our top spot as one of the garages with the most up-to-date diagnostic equipment in the Mercedes repair industry. Keeping up with today’s rapidly advancing technology is essential, and that is why we provide all the latest software upgrades for your engine, transmission, suspension, braking system, etc. Whether it is programming or scanning, we have your back.   

Why choose us? 

Our specialists are qualified and highly trained technicians provide both a personal and direct service We are experts at service, repair and diagnostics. We are a professionally registered garage who Operate with first-rate diagnostic equipment Reserve your warranty Operate a fully equipped garage

Customer Service   

We have ample experience in the motor industry, we have served countless customers who had been billed by main dealerships to pay outrageous prices and sometimes for services that are not necessary. In our workshop, we return the power to the Mercedes owner. If you are looking to get any repair or service, call us for a free consultation, we are big on fast turnarounds and vehicle pickup and delivery.