Mercedes Performance Upgrades

Mercedes Performance Upgrades

Here at P3 AMG we can help you to improve the performance of your Mercedes. P3AMG are the premier Mercedes specialist in Manchester We have a range of Mercedes performance modifications available. You can learn more about specific upgrades or bods by checking out the individual pages on the site or by giving us a call. We would be happy to recommend any products and we’re happy to provide a free consultation.

If you are not sure what you are looking at doing for your car then get in touch and tell us what kind of performance you are looking for and we can tell you how to achieve it. We can recommend and source any products and we have fantastic relationships with many suppliers.

We offer any performance improvement such as; ecu tuning, suspension, performance exhausts etc.

Mercedes Tuning

Here at Project Three we’ve been tuning and improving the performance of Mercedes Benz for over 20 years. One of the simplest and most cost-effective performance improvements in this modern age is a remap.

Tuning your Mercedes can help you to extract the power that the car should have left the factory with. Unfortunately, Mercedes does detune engines in order to comply with emissions standards. Within a few hours we can have your car performing how it should have done from the factory at a price lower than you might think.

Mercedes Performance Brakes Upgrades

Struggling to stop at red lights? Or your breaks feeling a little soft then we can help. We can replace your brakes with OEM parts or if you’re looking to improve performance or you have increased performance then you might want to look at going for performance brakes.

We can supply and fit a number of different brake set ups, tell us what you’re using your car for and we’ll be able to advise on the best option for you. We’ll also be able to book you in for fitting.


Our clients come to us to improve their suspension for three reasons; they either need repairs, they want to improve the performance or finally they want to improve the look or stance of their car.

No matter what result you’re looking for we have the solution for you. Get in touch with us and we can advise what the best set up with be in order to achieve your objectives at a reasonable price.

Mercedes Remaps Manchester

If you are looking to get the best performance improvement bang for buck then a remap could be for you. If you have a turbocharged induction engine then you could realise performance gains up to about 30% (depending on your engine).

Here at P3 AMG we can remap both diesel and petrol engines in order to extract more performance for you. We also have dyno facilities so that you can see your car’s performance before and after (at additional cost).

If you have a high revving NA Mercedes engine you won’t see as much improvement from a remap but if you do have a high revving naturally aspirated engine then get in touch with us, we’ll be able to recommend some other performance mods to help you scratch that itch.

We know that when you’re trusting a company with your pride and joy that it required attention to detail. We write and edit all our maps based on your vehicle and your needs as we know that not all clients want the same results from their Mercedes remap.

If you are considering getting your Mercedes remapped then give us a call or come down to our facility and see how we work. We’re passionate about Mercedes and about power – our owner even has a W205 C63 with a remap on it. We’ll talk you through all the cars on site and the performance they all make. We’ll then talk you through all the options available for your vehicle.

Everything we do is custom so if you have already had aftermarket performance parts installed on your car then we’ll ensure that the map makes the most out of those performance gains too.

If you’re thinking about a remap then get in touch for a free consultation and to discuss pricing.

Mercedes Performance Exhausts

Project Three are an approved exhaust installer for a number of well known brands. If you are looking to extract more performance and get a better sound from your Mercedes then a performance exhaust is the best mod for you.

Nomatter what vehicle you’ve got we can supply and install an exhaust that will tick both the sound and performance improvement boxes. We are an approved supplier for the following brands so you can be sure that you’re going to get an incredible exhaust for a very fair price.