Mercedes SLS

Mercedes SLS Service/Maintenance/Tuning & Repairs

Mercedes SLS is a modern classic car which combines speed and elegance. The silhouette is instantly recognisable and is an absolute marvel to behold.

The SLS has a unique design including the doors opening upwards (Gulwing) instead of how they usually open in conventional cars.


This sports car gets its power from a 6.2 litre V8 engine that has the ability to produce 583 horsepower. This particular engine is for the basic model since the car comes in a number of trims. It also comes in both coupe and convertible forms and is beautiful either way.

Mercedes SLS Repairs

At P3 AMG we are the Manchester’s leading Mercedes Benz and Mercedes AMG independent garage. We have the ability to modify, repair, upgrade and service and type of Mercedes car. We’ve worked on a number of SLS and you can rest assured that no matter what issue you’re having with yours then we are able to repair it.

Mercedes SLS Engine Repairs

At P3 we are capable of dealing with any issue that the engine of your SLS might be having. We have a team of specialists who are highly skilled and they only specialise in Mercedes vehicles. Our specialists use modern tools to detect and deal with any issue that the engine of your vehicle might be having. You just need to contact us and book your car for engine repairs.

Mercedes SLS Bodywork Repair

We are also proud that we are the leading Mercedes specialists in this area when it comes to bodywork repairs. Since he bodywork of the Mercedes SLS is delicate we carefully ensure that your car is looking as good as new. We have all the tools and products which will ensure that your car is looking as good as new regardless of the damage it has sustained.

Mercedes SLS Gearbox Repairs

The gearbox on the SLS is pretty well put together but can have issues, if you’re struggling with it then give us a call immediately, we can have the car picked up to prevent anything from getting any worse!

Mercedes SLS Exhaust Repairs

As part of our Mercedes SLS servicing we ensure that the exhaust system of your car is functioning properly. The exhaust system is especially an important part on any sports car because it influences performance. Our specialists have the necessary skills to easily detect any problem with the exhaust system of your car and deal with it effectively. We can also provide you with a performance exhaust if you’re looking to improve the sound of your SLS or how it performs.

Mercedes SLS Doors Repairs

The doors of the SLS are unique and as a result they require special care so if you’re having any issues with them then give us a call we’d be happy to take a look and repair the hinges which can be a problem part of the car.