Mercedes GLE43 / GLE63

Mercedes Benz GLE43/GLE63 AMG Servicing/Maintenance/Repairs & Upgrades

The Mercedes Benz GLE43 & GLE63 are an enthusiast’s dream, it is smooth, refined and dominates the road. The coupe body style also helps this amazing crossover SUV to appeal to a more stylish and younger audience. Fitted with a powerful 5.5 V8 biturbo engine, this extreme variant can achieve 585 horsepower and can not only put a huge smile on a driver’s face, it can transport their family around in absolute comfort and luxury at the same time.

Mercedes GLE43/GLE63 AMG Repairs

Like all Mercedes the GLE is pretty damn well built however it can suffer from a few problems. P3 are a specialist Mercedes repair garage and can repair your GLE63 to its former glory if you are having any issues. Whether you’re having problems with the engine, transmission handling or the bodywork then we’ll be able to repair it at a fraction of the cost of a main dealer.

Mercedes GLE43/GLE63 AMG Engine repairs

The Mercedes Benz GLE63 is fitted with one of the biggest and most powerful engines in the motoring world. Despite this, it can develop some problems. The engine can begin to idle quite rough. When running at low Revolutions Per Minute (RPM), the GLE63 can idle quite brutally. Most issues with the engine can be resolved at a reasonable cost if caught early so if you suspect there’s an issue with your engine then give us a call, we would be more than happy to take a look and give you our professional opinion.

Mercedes GLE43/GLE63 AMG Bodywork repairs

While rare, the GLE63 can have some issues with its seals. The seals around the sunroof and windows can get broken or worn out prematurely. This results in rain water leaking into the cabin. If your GLE63 develops these problems, the seals definitely need replacement. Furthermore, a professional mechanic should have a look at the electrical system in the doors or adjacent sections. This is so as to check for any potential moisture retention that poses the risk of short circuits.

Due to the size of the GLE it can pick up scuffs in the bodywork whether that’s from driving down country lanes or from someone not paying attention with their trolley in the car park. Whilst frustrating and not something you want to spend your hard earned money on we can repair your bodywork back to showroom standard.

Mercedes GLE43/GLE63 AMG Visual Improvements

We can also provide enhancements to your vehicle if you’re looking to improve it’s presence on the road. We can supply body kits or exterior carbon fibre to enhance the mean look that your GLE63 has.

Mercedes GLE43/GLE63 AMG Gearbox repairs

The Mercedes Benz GLE63 can develop some problems with its transmission system. The 7 speed automatic can begin to shift rather violently. This can result in jerking sensations and significantly hard shifting. This is often caused by loose connections in the gears. It can also be an electrical issue, it could even be a software issue. Should you experience this problem, it is critical that you have a professional take a look in order to ensure that no further damage is being sustained by the transmission.

Mercedes GLE43/GLE63 AMG Exhaust repairs

We don’t get many GLE63 vehicles in for exhaust repairs because they are so well made. They also sound incredible. The majority of our customers who own a GLE63 come to us to do one thing about their exhaust – make it sound even better. We are an approved supplier to a number of exhaust manufacturers and can provide you with an exhaust that meets your needs.

Mercedes GLE43/GLE63 AMG Servicing & Maintenance

It is very important to take your Mercedes Benz GLE63 for some servicing on a regular basis. This makes sure that the car is running perfectly. With the GLE63, it is very easy to keep it serviced. That’s because it has a Mercedes Benz Flexible Service System built into the car. This system reminds you when you need to take the crossover for servicing using digital wrench icons. If you see a single wrench in the instrument panel, this means that the GLE63 is ready for Service level A. This is usually implemented after 8,000 to 10,000 miles. If the system reveals 2 wrenches, you need to take it for service level B. This is usually called for after 20,000 miles of driving. By ensuring that your GLE63 is serviced according to this

schedule, you can keep it running efficiently and effectively over the long term.

We are able to provide both the Service A and Service B using approved Mercedes parts whilst also maintaining your cars service history but at a fraction of the cost. If your car needs servicing then get it booked in with us today.

Mercedes GLE43/GLE63 AMG Performance Modifications

As mentioned above we have worked on and modified countless AMG models and we love completing performance modifications on them. We are able to perform any kind of performance modification on your GLE63 from a simple remap (that will extract a hell of a lot of power from that engine) do the exhaust or some handling mods to improve how it corners.

Mercedes GLE43/GLE63 AMG Specialists

The Mercedes Benz GLE63 combines luxury, power and urban practicality into one beautiful package. It is a comfortable crossover which can fit well on and off road. It is sculpted for speed and engineered to perform. While it is an exceptional machine, the Mercedes Benz GLE63 can develop some issues but rest assured we have the expertise to repair anything that may go wrong.