Mercedes GLC43/63

Mercedes GLC43/GLC63 Servicing/Maintenance/Repairs And Performance Mods

Mercedes GLC63 is a modern vehicle that has been designed to combine elegance and blistering performance. This SUV has been given a sporty look which makes it perfect for the current enthusiasts and families alike.


Mercedes GLC63 gets its power from a V8 Biturbo engine which has the ability to produce 469 horsepower. The engine is paired with a 9-speed automatic gearbox which makes it one hell of a drive. This is one of the most powerful and best sounding engines on sale.

Now that Mercedes have released the GLC to provide the same shape with a more entry level engine, and still fun performance in the 43 we’ve started to see a lot more of them come in to our shop!

Mercedes GLC43/GLC63 Repairs

At P3 AMG we work with all different types of Mercedes. Our garage is equipped with genuine Mercedes parts and we have a team of specialists who can work on your Mercedes GLC whether it’s the 43 or the 63. We can repair anything on your GLC to get it back to showroom condition.

Mercedes GLC43/GLC63 Engine Repairs

If your Mercedes vehicle has any engine related issues then we will be able to sort it both quickly and at a lower price than your main dealer will be quoting you. We have the latest tools which we can use to check any problem that the engine of your vehicle might be having. After we detect the problem we can recommend the best way forward for you so that by the time you leave our garage your vehicle will be as good as new.

Mercedes GLC43/GLC63 Bodywork Repairs

Because of this we ensure that the bodywork of your vehicle is in perfect condition. We can repair any scratch, dent or damage that might be affecting your GLC43 or GLC63, whilst they are a similar shape there are subtle differences between the two AMG models. Our bodywork technicians have worked on hundreds of cars restoring them to perfect condition and you can rest assured that your car is in safe hands.

Mercedes GLC43/GLC63 Bodykits

The aggressive styling of the AMG GLCs just isn’t enough for some of our customers, if you feel the same then we can certainly help you with that. We can supply and install a number of aftermarket bodykits that will just the absolute business on your car. We can also supply any kind of exterior carbon fibre to make it look even better.

Mercedes GLC43/GLC63 Gearbox Repairs

The GLC comes with a smooth auto gearbox but like everything else it does have to be looked after. Ensuring that you stick with routine servicing on the gearbox should have it last a lifetime but if you’re having any issues get in touch as we’d be more than happy to take a look. – We can always come and pick up your car to save you having any issues with it.

GLC63 Exhaust Repairs/ GLC63 Performance Exhausts

The GLC43 & GLC63 come with an epic exhaust and we don’t usually see many issues with them. Although we have had to repair a few that have been damaged on car rallies or that have been taken off road recklessly!

We are also able to provide an aftermarket exhaust for your GLC if you’re looking for more performance and theatre from your vehicle. You can check out our list of aftermarket car suppliers on our Performance exhausts page.

Mercedes GLC43/GLC63 Servicing

One of the main reasons why our garage is rated highly is that we are able to do top quality servicing. We can provide both A&B Mercedes servicing and when you bring your Mercedes to our garage you can be assured that it will leave our garage in perfect condition. We also have a number of specialist technicians so we can really look after your car not only better than a main dealer but at a fraction of the cost.

Mercedes GLC43/GLC63 Maintenance

At our garage we also understand that your vehicle needs to be maintained in the right manner. Through proper maintenance your vehicle will avoid having unnecessary problems. We have the capacity to maintain your Mercedes on a regular basis to make sure that your vehicle is always in good condition.

Mercedes GLC43/GLC63 Modifications

Here at P3 we love working on AMGs and we love them exactly how they were made but that doesn’t mean that they can’t be improved. We’ve modified and improved every AMG product that Mercedes has produced so that every client of ours leaves happy.

Mercedes GLC43/GLC63 Suspension/handling improvements

We can provide parts to improve the way your GLC handles, some of our customers love to drive hard and have asked us to improve the way that the car sits and handles turns, and suspension mods are just the solution.

Mercedes GLC43/GLC63 Performance Mods

The GLC43 and GLC63 engine is perfect for modifying and the power that can be extracted from a simple remap is unbelievable but that’s thanks to the turbo on them! We’ve already mentioned above about a performance exhaust so if you want your car to perform and sound better then that could be the solution.

Mercedes GLC43/GLC63 Performance Aftermarket Exhausts

In our opinion the GLC is one of the best sounding AMG products, but if you want it to sound even better and improve performance at the same time then check out our performance exhaust page and get in touch. We can share some clips of exhausts we’ve installed and provide our own recommendations for the best exhaust for your set up and budget.

Mercedes GLC43/GLC63 Remapping & Engine Tuning

Here at P3 AMG we’re experts in AMG software tuning. If you’re interested in extracting more performance out of your car then a remap is a cost effective solution. It only takes a few hours but we’d be able to get you significant power gains.

Whatever performance improvement you want for your GLC63 then get in touch as we would love to provide you a free quotation.