Mercedes G63

Mercedes G63 Service/Repair/Maintenance/Performance Upgrades

The Mercedes Benz G63 represents the best in SUV style. This incredible car looks mean both in the wild or on the high street and they not only sound insane but have a real mean presence. Since the first version emerged in 1979, the G-Wagon has only got better. With its origin in the military, it represents practicality and durability. Recent versions of the G63 deliver a rugged exterior and a luxurious, comfortable interior with the brand new G63 now upping the interior luxury standard of the G63.

Mercedes G63 repairs

The Mercedes Benz G63 is durable and resilient. However, if pushed too hard for long enough, this German machine can develop some mechanical problems. They mostly tend to occur in the engine bay, on the suspension and the bodywork. Thankfully, they can all be fixed with the right specialist attention.

Mercedes G63 Engine Repairs

The Mercedes Benz G63 engine is a true work of art but it can suffer every now and again with various issues. One we frequently see is the engine mounts on the G63 are filled with oil. They prevent engine vibrations from permeating into the cabin. The oil mounts can begin to fail leading to oil leakage. This problem leads to dramatic vibrations on your seats, steering wheel and in the cabin. If you’re having any issues with your G63 engine then get in touch, we’d love to work on it and get you back on the road.

Mercedes G63 Bodywork repairs

The G63 body has real character and the silhouette has a real presence – it’s instantly identifiable. If you’ve got any problems with the bodywork of your G63 then we can restore it to where it should be. Whether it’s taken a bump or simply has a few scratches we can get your G63 back to showroom condition.

One of the perennial problems which affects the G63 is a leaking sun roof. All generations of the SUV have had this issue. This body problem can be fixed with a bit of diligence and professional care. If you want to wash the G63, make sure that it is fully shut before you begin. If the sunroof is still leaking even when it is shut, then you’ll need to have a professional look at the seals. If they are broken or worn out, then we can replace them.

Mercedes G63 Bodykits

We all know that the G63 looks mean as hell on the road but for some people it’s still not got enough presence. For those people we have the solution. We can install body kits and any other exterior bodywork to enhance the look of your G wagon.

Mercedes G63 Gearbox repairs

Like all aspects of the G63 the gearbox is also very rugged. This gearbox is very well built. However, it can develop a number of problems – ensure that you maintain the regular gearbox service intervals as that can prevent the majority of the issues from happening. If you are having problems then get in touch we would be more than happy to take a look.

Mercedes G63 Exhaust Repairs  / G63 Performance Exhausts

The G63 sounds epic and to be honest we don’t usually see many that have exhaust issues, what we do see is that many owners want more performance and sound from their G class. If you’re interested in improving your G63 then get in touch, we’re a preferred supplier to a number of performance exhaust companies so we can help you to pick the best one for your needs.

Mercedes G63 Servicing & Maintenance

To keep your G63 running efficiently, it is necessary to take it for regular servicing. Thankfully it’s a Mercedes so the service intervals are pretty regular but ensure that your G63 maintains it’s performance. We can offer both A&B servicing to ensure that it doesn’t become a costly repair we can also do any interval work that you might want to do on your car!

Mercedes G63 Performance Improvements

The G63 is an incredible vehicle and whilst we love them stock there’s a number of things you can do to your vehicle to improve it. We can do anything to improve the style or performance. We can remap, throw an exhaust on and some suspension mods! We can also improve the looks, we can supply aftermarket wheels, improve the stance and black out those windows.

The Mercedes Benz G63 is an excellent SUV. Its off-road capabilities are unrivalled. However, it does suffer from some problems that require the repair or replacement of crucial parts. Some of the most common issues have been described above. Follow the suggested guidelines for repair or replacement. This ensures that your G63 stays in great condition and delivers an ideal driving experience for as long as you own it!

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