Mercedes C43 / C63

Mercedes C63 / C43 Services, Repairs & Upgrades

The C63 is in our opinion one of the greatest cars of all time, it combines real muscle car dna with aggressive styling and substance. We actually love the C63 that much our managing director drives one daily! (Although his has a number of performance and style enhancing modifications)

The standard C63 vehicle comes with high performance and comfort meaning it can be appreciated by enthusiasts of all ages and backgrounds. This is achieved by coming from fantastic AMG heritage.

The latest Mercedes C43/C63 comes in both coupe and saloon, our favourite being the coupe with its flared arches! Although if you need the space the last generation that also came with a sweet NA engine does come in an estate.

C43/C63 Upgrades

One of the greatest things about the C43/C63 is that not only is it a fantastic car to drive stock it’s also responds fantastic to being tuned and performance modifications! If you’re interested in improving the performance of your car then get in touch for a free consultation. We’ve done everything from exhausts to remaps to suspension to even a turbo upgrade!

C43/C63 Repairs

We are a specialist Mercedes garage and we have the ability to repair any issues that your C63 might need sorting. Whether you have the latest C43/C63 or one of the older NA generations we absolutely love working on these incredible machines. We’ve repaired everything from mechanical engine issues to transmission to bodywork or interior.

C43/C63 Engine Repairs

At our garage we are always happy to repair the engine of your C43/C63, we love working on those engines. We have highly trained Mercedes specialists who can work on your engine regardless of the problem. Here at Project Three we use only genuine Mercedes parts. This is to ensure that the engine of your vehicle is performing exactly as it should when you leave us.

C43/C63 Bodywork Repairs

This aggressive muscle car needs to look its best. When you bring your C43/C63 to us we’ll be able to provide you with a free quote on your damaged car, whether it’s been dinged in a car park or it’s a total right off we can repair it back to it’s former glory and we only use genuine parts.

C43/C63 Bodywork Improvements/Bodykits

If you’re wanting to make your C43/C63 look more aggressive with exterior styling we can help, we’ve can supply and install one off modifications like a spoiler lip or splitter but we can also do a complete bodykit install. One of our staff has a complete Prior Design bodykit on his C43/C63 so check it out when you come here.

C43/C63 Gearbox Repairs

The C43/C63 gearbox is pretty rugged however issues do happen, if you’re having problems with your gearbox then get in touch with us, we’d be more than happy to take a look and provide you with a cost-effective solution.

C43/C63 Suspension Repairs

Mercedes come with incredible suspension but overtime they can pick up some issues, especially if you are tracking your AMG. We can install any kind of suspension and handling modification from springs and spacers which is great if you are looking for a meaner stance.

C43/C63 Suspension improvements

As we’ve started above the AMG C class models come with really good suspension, sometimes though as an enthusiast you’re going to want more, especially if you are going to take it on track. We can supply an install a number of aftermarket suspension, shocks and spring set ups in order to achieve the ride that you’re looking for.

C43/C63 Exhaust Repairs/upgrades

We’ve have been working on Mercedes vehicles for a long time we also know how good they sound. If you’re having problems with your exhaust or you’re looking to improve the sound and performance of your car we can recommend a number of aftermarket companies who we’re a recommended supplier for. Check out our exhaust page in order to see a list of all the brands that we work with.

C43/C63 Performance Upgrades and Modifications

We can complete a number of performance modifications on any generation of C43/C63. Let us know the results that you’re looking for or what modifications you have in mind and we can recommend the best way to achieve your goals.

C43/C63 Remap

We are able to remap any Mercedes but the best results come from the latter forced induction engines. We can get serious performance increases for your vehicle at a low cost.

You can contact us to book your Mercedes C63/C43 and we’ll provide you with free consultation.

C43/C63 Turbo upgrade

We are an approved Pure Turbos dealer and as such we can install one of their upgraded hybrid turbos in your machine. Our Managing Director has done this on his 4.0 C63 and absolutely loves the results. If you’re wanting to add significant power to your AMG then a Pure Turbo upgrade could be the solution. If you like we can also take you out in our car that has them installed so you can experience the difference.

If you own a C63 or C43 then no matter what model or condition, get in touch for a free consultation, we’d love to talk you through a few options.