Mercedes E43/E53/E63

Mercedes E43/E53/E63 AMG Services/Repair/ Maintenance & Performance Mods

The E63 is one of our favourite cars, it’s the mature muscle car. It will get 0-60 in 3.4 seconds and also be able to shuttle your family around in incredible comfort.

Our state-of-the-art Mercedes service garage in Manchester promises to provide a seamless and rewarding experience to each and every customer. We employ specialist Mercedes technicians in order to look after the customers’ vehicles exactly how they should be. We work on countless

Mercedes E43/E53/E63 AMG repairs

Repairing E63 on your own might be tricky if you are unaware of the parts and nuts used in the vehicle. While washing and deep cleansing are easier to perform in a household, extensive repairing is impossible without the right tools. So, if you are facing any sort of issues in your E63, it is best to take it to our E63 repair mechanics in Manchester who will take an in-depth look at the car repair.

Mercedes E43/E53/E63 AMG Engine repairs

If your Mercedes E63 engine needs any kind of repair in Manchester, then it is suggested to take it to a repair shop that specializes in repairing engine of the E63. Taking your luxurious and expensive car to our expert mechanic who holds expertise in engine repair of this particular model means that your E63 is in the right hands. This will further ensure that your E63 will receive safe repair services by default.

Mercedes E43/E53/E63 AMG Engine Performance Mods

In our mind the AMG E Class is an exceptional performance saloon and is beautifully balanced. It has the power to shuttle you and your family in absolute comfort but at tremendous pace especially the latest 4matic models. They are also the perfect foundation for engine performance mods. If you’re looking to get more power out of your AMG then get in touch for a free consultation.

Mercedes E43/E53/E63 AMG Bodywork repairs

The aggressive body style of the E class AMG is in our mind perfect. Unfortunately, due to the performance of the car some of our customers do get into accidents – especially those that take it on the track. Plus there’s always one person that pulls out on you. If your E AMG has been in an accident or has been the victim of a trolley in a car park then get in touch. If you’re looking to make your car even more aggressive then we can supply carbon fibre and body kits to enhance that aggressive look.

Mercedes E43/E53/E63 AMG Gearbox repairs

Mercedes make incredibly smooth gearboxes however when you’ve got the option to use launch control it does get quite addictive. The AMG gearbox will withstand quite a lot of punishment but eventually it will need a servicing or worse yet a repair. Here at P3 AMG we’re gearbox specialists so if you’re having any issues with your gearbox then get in touch for a free quote.

Mercedes E43/E53/E63 AMG Exhaust repairs

Undoubtedly, the engine of the E63 is a work of art based on the one man one engine principle. The exhaust system is just as important, there’s nothing in the world that sounds quite like an AMG exhaust rumbling away. If you’re having issues with your exhaust then get in touch we would be more than happy to provide a free consultation to repair it.

Mercedes E43/E53/E63 AMG Performance Exhausts

We are a preferred supplier and installer to a number of aftermarket exhausts so if you’re looking for more power and more character from your E63 then get in touch. We can share clips of exhausts we’ve installed before and provide you with our recommendation to ensure that you get the results you are looking for. You can see all the exhausts that we can supply and install on our specialist exhausts page.

Mercedes E43/E53/E63 AMG Servicing

If you own an E63 then you know it can be costly to service. It is advanced but needs to be serviced regularly and by people who know what they are doing in order to maintain it’s performance. We can provide both A&B servicing at a fraction of the cost of the main dealer while using genuine parts and we are able to access your service record to maintain your warranty.

Mercedes E43/E53/E63 AMG Maintenance

It is true that maintaining an E63 is more expensive than maintaining a standard E class, but it is built to a performance standard an in order to ensure it continues at that level then regular maintenance must be performed. You can however save thousands over the course of your ownership of the car by bringing it to P3 rather than a main dealer.

Mercedes E43/E53/E63 AMG Remaps

Love your E class amg but you’re looking for a cost effective power increase? A remap would be just the solution. Our onsite remapping experts can remap your E43/E53/E63 to extract even more power within just a few hours.

We’ve owned our fair share of E63’s and we know how much they can cost to repair and maintain. We are petrolheads at heart and know how disheartening it can be when your pride and joy is in the garage and costing you money. We’re able to complete E63 repairs or maintenance quickly at main dealer standard but at a fraction of the cost.

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