Mercedes AMG A35/A45

A45/A35 ClA35/CLA45 GLA35/GLA45 Servicing Repairs & Performance Upgrades

The A45 mk1 changed the hot hatchback game. Providing true character and performance at a newer entry level for fans of Mercedes. When it first launched in 2013 it contained the most powerful 4-cylinder engine in the world at that time with just 2 litres of displacement.

The original A45 produced 355bhp & 332lb ft torque.  

The A45 facelift released in 2016 increased the overall package considerable, not only by increasing power output to 381bhp and 350lb ft torque but there was a number of other updates including to the software, a bigger MMI screen and chassis updates.

The A45 is outrageous and tackles corners like they aren’t even there. The Mercedes A45 is a hyper hatch and a true performance car and that’s why our customers trust P3 AMG the AMG specialist with their vehicle.

Mercedes Benz 35/45 AMG Repairs    

P3 AMG Are specialist A45/A35 AMG Repairers in Manchester. We’ve worked on a number of A45 vehicles that have had numerous issues. We’ve completed bodywork, chassis and engine repairs on this incredible hatchback so no matter what issue you have with your A45 AMG then give us a call we will be able to help. We can also complete wheel repairs if you’ve managed to damage your A45 alloys.

Mercedes Benz 35/45 Servicing

Due to the performance nature of the Mercedes A45 AMG servicing can be a significant expense. Here at P3 AMG we are Mercedes AMG service specialists and we are able to provide exceptional levels of servicing at a very fair price. If you’re looking to get your Mercedes A45 AMG serviced then give us a call we’d be more than happy to let you know about costs. We also use official Mercedes parts to perform your service and we’re able to update your service schedule.

Mercedes Benz 35/45 Upgrades

The Mercedes Benz A45 is an incredible platform on it’s own but if you combine it with performance upgrades then it becomes a completely different beast entirely. We are able to supply and fit any performance upgrades such as; performance exhausts, suspension upgrades, improved engine parts and remaps. If you are looking to improve the performance on your A45 then give us a call and tell us what you’re looking for and we can recommend the products for the job. If you’re interested in seeing performance upgrades we’ve done then check out our Instagram.

Mercedes AMG 35/45 Suspension / Springs upgrade

The ride in an a45/35 can be quite stiff for many users but what do you expect from a hyper hatch? If you’re looking to improve the stance or the handling of your A35/A45 then get in touch, we stock and supply many suspension brands and can provide you with free advice on how to get the best results you are looking for.

Mercedes AMG 35/45 Remap

Here at P3 AMG we’re AMG Software experts and we can get significant power out of your A35 or A45 with just software. If you’re looking to go to stage 2 or even further then we can create a bespoke map and provide the hardware required to achieve serious power.

Mercedes AMG 35/45 Performance Brakes

With all the performance stuffed into your A35/A45 it’s critical that you also have the stopping power so that you know when you go hard on the brakes that you’ll actually stop. We can not only replace your OEM brakes but also

Mercedes AMG 35/45 Aftermarket exhaust

One of the most important boxes to tick on your a45/35 spec sheet is the Mercedes performance exhaust. Some people however weren’t able to spec it or still aren’t satisfied with the sound. Check out our Mercedes aftermarket exhaust page and get in touch for a free quote on something even better.