AMG Services

AMG Services

Here at Project Three we are AMG specialists. We’ve been working on and delivering performance improvements on AMG cars for two decades.

AMG Repairs

Although Mercedes are very well built there are times when things go wrong and when that happens AMG repairs can be quite costly, many of our customers take their AMG on track or have suffered a traffic accident. We are AMG specialists and we use approved parts the only difference is that we’re cheaper than a main dealer meaning you get passionate and excellent service at a fraction of the cost.

AMG Mechanical Repairs

Mercedes are exceptionally strong mechanically however all cars do have their troubles every now and again. We work on Mercedes and specifically AMGs day in and day out.

AMG Bodywork Repairs

AMG cars are always the most aggressive silhouettes that Mercedes produce.

Here at Project Three we see many Mercedes AMGs come through our doors needing bodywork repair. Our clients come to us whether their car has been in a serious collision or if it’s had an unfortunate run in with a trolley in a shop car park.

AMG Servicing

Servicing your AMG at a main dealer can be not only expensive but risky as anyone in that dealership could be working on your car. Why would you go for a “one man one engine” vehicle just to get it serviced by anyone.

Here at Project Three we own all the dealer software and we’re specialists at what we do; looking after Mercedes and specifically AMGs. Our owner has had half a dozen AMGs and currently has a C63 in his garage (plus a number of classic Mercs) and he’ll happy talk you through them all.

AMG Maintenance

Because AMG Mercedes are performance cars they require greater car and attention to detail when it comes to their maintenance. We use approved Mercedes parts and have technicians with over 20 years experience who are passionate about the brand and would love to look after your car.

AMG Performance Upgrades

Many AMG drivers love their cars because of the power and the way they feel like to drive, Just because AMG’s are great fun to drive doesn’t mean that they cant be improved and that is where Project Three excels.

We are able to offer a range of performance improving modifications that can enhance the look and feel of your car. If you’re looking for more power we can performance turbo upgrades, remaps and more. If you’re looking to improve handling then we can provide suspension and chassis modifications. If for some reason you want your AMG to sound better then we’ve got a range of exhausts that we can install to get the sound improvements that you crave.